Here is what we’re going to do next, is book you into a webinar to help you
make an action plan, and then my executive marketing assistant is going to
give you a call, and book you into an appointment to speak with me so I
can help you make an action plan.  (If we have already done this, please
disregard this part.  This is an automated message I send out to all
new members.)

If you haven’t heard from my assistant yet, then my assistant will call and ask
you a few questions – just answer them honestly, and that will get us started
on the right foot.  In the meantime you need to watch this webinar.  Go to:

Go ahead and select a time in the next 24 hours to attend this.  Please
watch it before my assistant calls you.  (in the next 24-48 hours)

Welcome aboard again!!

Let’s get you to your monthly income goal as quickly as
possible!!  Expect a call from my assistant.

Here are your assignments to get you working
towards your income goal.

Step 1.  Register for our team site to stay in the loop at:

Step 2.  Join the company FB group

Step 3.  Add me on skype:  my skype id is ldguru

Step 4.  Download the fast start training checklist

Step 5.  Go through the fast start training.

Step 6.  Write your first blog post and email it to me

Step 7.  Get on the weekly Monday night calls

Step 8.  Listen to the “Inner Circle” recordings and blog about it

Step 9.  Get ‘ALL IN’ if you haven’t already

If you have support issues go to:

Take Massive Action and Make It Happen

Brandon Koon